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Eastern Winds Turn South...

Written during the recording of our last full length, 'The Feeble Hearts of Man', this song was resurrected while we worked on re-tooling our recording studio and should be a nice place holder between records. This song is unique because it features no repeating parts like a traditional "verse / chorus" song configuration, yet still flows remarkably well.

The video combines sci-fi and ancient Mayan artistry to create an amalgamation wholly unique. Using 100% original oil paintings in layers to present the viewer and listener with a vivid platform onto which the lyrics are projected.

Music Credits

Written and Performed as Holloway by Ross Morgan, Kevin Schaner, and Josh Morgan.

Recorded and mixed by Josh Morgan at Seaway Sound in Muskegon, MI, USA.
Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden.
Cover Artwork by Susan Van Sant.

Video Credits

Video directed by Ross Morgan.
Artwork by Susan Van Sant.

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