Holloway Presents

The Pod
(Hum Cover Song)

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Our take on the space rock classic...

Hum's cult classic space grunge albums remain a collective favorite, so in choosing a cover song this one always came to the top of the list. This is our spin on it. Enjoy!

Music Credits

Originally recorded by Hum on You’d Prefer an Astronaut, RCA Records, 1995. By Jeffery Dimpsey, Tim Lash, Matt Talbott, And Bryan St. Pere. Copyright Universal Music-Careers.

Performed as Holloway by Ross Morgan, Kevin Schaner, Josh Morgan.

Mixed by Josh Morgan. Mastered by Steve Nagasaki. Artwork by Susan Van Sant.

Video Credits

Video compiled and edited by Tsvetomir Filipov and Ross Morgan.

All video footage contained in this work is in the Public Domain, and was obtained from
The Prelinger Archives via the Internet Archive

Use of these films is granted by the Creative Commons Public Domain license.